Section Committees

Committees represent the on-going activities of the St. Louis Metro Section.  Each committee is chaired by a member of the Board, but participation on the committees is open to anyone.  If you see something below that you would like to be involved with contact the committee chair.

To reach any committee member; please email the section at

Lunches Chair: Wes Haid
Lunches are organized on a monthly basis.  In all, there are 9 lunches with speakers and the annual picnic.  There is plenty of opportunity to become involved with the lunch committee.  Contact Wes Haid if you have a speaker you would like to arrange, a location you think would be good for a lunch or the picnic, or a local establishment that you think would be good to provide the food.

Spring Workshop Chair: Justin Randall
The Spring Workshop is an annual, 1-day event held in late winter or early spring. A Workshop committee is formed a few months before the event to arrange for location, catering, program, and registration.

Awards Chair: Scott Hanson
The awards committee is an impartial body comprised of section board members and non-board members to determine the awardees of annual awards given out by the section. If you are an St. Louis section member and wish to be part of this committee, please email Scott Hanson .

Web Chair: John Cruz
The web committee is responsible for maintaining the website and sending messages to the section via our MailChimp account.  These activities are on-going and can be delegated to committee members.   The website is maintained with wagtail, a Django web framework but anyone with experience with a web interface or blogging platform could be an asset. 

Community Outreach Chair: Jonathan Roper

Professional Development Chair: Mike Zeek
The Professional Development Committee encourages and supports continuing education and AICP membership.  Volunteers could be used to compile and plan opportunities for continuing education.

Social Contacts: Dr. Sarah Coffin and Matthew Bernstein
Help plan a happy hour, the annual picnic, or the Holiday Lunch