Committees represent the on-going activities of the St. Louis Metro Section.  Each committee is chaired by a member of the Board, but participation on the committees is open to anyone.  If you see something below that you would like to be involved with contact the committee chair.

To reach any committee member; please email the section at

Communications Committee: 

Co-Chairs: Nate Silverstein & Mary Kennedy

The Communications Committee manages and updates the Section’s website, promotes Section events on social media, and works to improve internal board communications.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee:

Chair: Shilpi Bharti

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee engages diverse communities in the St Louis Metro Area on planning topics including the importance of diversity and inclusion in planning. The Committee strives to increase the Section members’ awareness of the need for diversity and inclusion in the planning profession and in the Section’s membership. 

Education and Credentialing Committee:

Chair: Dr. Sarah Coffin

The Education and Credentials Committee enhances the formal educational opportunities in the St Louis region related to the planning field and hosts career and mentorship events. In addition, the Education and Credentialing Committee takes a leadership role on AICP-related issues: acknowledging the merits of the AICP credential, helping planners prepare for the AICP exam, and nominating credentialed planners to the AICP College of Fellows.

Professional Development Committee

Chair: Christie Voelker

The Professional Development Committee helps to ensure excellence in local decision-making by offering training, information, and support to planning commissioners, elected officials, and engaged citizens. The Committee develops and implements programs such as conferences, workshops, tours, and luncheons, to increase the understanding of planning by Section members and other interested parties.

Public Advocacy Committee

Co-Chairs: Rachel Witt & Shaun Tooley

The Public Advocacy Committee serves the Section Board and membership by increasing their awareness of legislation, governmental positions, and court cases related to planning.  The Committee monitors legislation, governmental positions, and court cases related to planning, and in particular as related to the Section’s new areas of emphasis: Diversity and Inclusion; Need for greater cohesion among jurisdictions in the St. Louis area to achieve regional economic growth; and Sustainability in development and reduction of greenhouse gases.