APA Missouri Traffic Calming Lending Libraries

APA Missouri received a $60,000 grant through the American Planning Association’s Planners4Health initiative in 2016. The initiative’s goal is to create stronger, healthier communities. This grant allowed for a continued partnership between Trailnet and APA Missouri to focus on educating planners and public health professionals on the health impacts of street design. 

The Planners4Health grant funded the establishment of traffic calming materials lending libraries across the state. These material libraries are housed with each of the APA Missouri Sections and contain different items depending on the library. Materials are available to members and communities as outlined below:

  • Materials Lending Only: no fee; $100 recommended deposit, which may be waived for financial hardship. The deposit allows for the replacement of any lost or stolen materials.
  • Materials and Person Power: services provided for a fee. Fee structure will be based on which organization and lending library is being used.

The three APA Missouri lending libraries are housed with Trailnet in St.Louis, Better Block/Bike WalkKC in Kansas City, and the Center for Resource Planning and Mangement in Springfield. For questions, feel free to contact the appropriate organization. Contact information for each organization is provided below. 

Interested in a traffic calming demonstration? Complete the Lending Library Request Form and the appropriate contact person will be in touch!

Lending Library Request Form

St. Louis Lending Library Trailnet 411 North 10th Street, Suite 202
St. Louis, MO 63101
Kansas City Lending Library Better Block KC https://www.betterblockkc.org/
Springfield Lending Library Center for Resource Planning & Management 110 Park Central Square
Springfield, MO 65806