Outstanding Public Outreach, Program, Project Tool, Community Inititative

Imagine Independence 2040 Community Vision

The Independence Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 1993, and since that time there have been several area and corridor amendments. It was the desire of the city council to conduct a full update to the comprehensive plan as outlined in the adopted City of Independence 2017-2021 Strategic Plan. As part of the plan, the firm Shockley Consulting Services LLC was selected through a competitive selection proceed to provide project management for Public Engagement  portion of the plan. The contract with Shockley Consulting Services included the following services; support development and staffing a Steering Committee; development of a email distribution list; development of a logo and branding of the proposed plan; assistance in the development of a website; development of a brief online surveys; assistance in social media outreach: attendance at various community events to discuss the Comprehensive Plan; assistance in map creation; development of comprehensive plan fact sheets; public meetings; and a final presentation to the City Council. 

See the Imagine Independence 2040 Community Vision here