Downtown Salina Renaissance

The Downtown Salina Renaissance Plan lays out a clear strategy to revitalize a once thriving downtown through consensus building, placemaking, development best practices, and public/private partnerships. The plan sought to capitalize on Salina's regionally competitive cultural and arts presence, downtown's historic Art Deco architecture, and the building momentum and excitement led by a group of downtown business owners and stakeholders -Salina 2020. The detailed existing conditions revealed the need for inclusive, and comprehensive reccommendations for land-use development and redevelopment (based in market realities), aesthetics and character, economic sustainability, operations and maintenance, and mobility and infrastructure. The recommendations were not sweeping generalizations, but site specific, targeted, and highly illustrative with plan view and graphics and 3D graphics. The plan was not developed in a vacuum though; public engagement efforts were fluid and ongoing throughout the entire planning process, which included a multi day visioning workshop, design charrette, a design charrette specifically focused on a new Santa Fe streetscape concept, and a final presentation. 

See the Downtown Salina Redevelopment Streetscape Report