Moving Monet Forward: Long-Range Transportation Improvement Plan

Recipients: City of Monett; Missouri;  TransSystems Corporation; and Missouri Department of Transportation

Moving Monett Forward, identified a set of multimodal transportation improvements that addressed deficiencies and provided enhancements for the City's transportation system. Multimodal analysis  of the transportation decision-making and investment for short-term priorities as well as establish a long-term vision.

The Advisory Committee were energized local champions for the plan and encouraged others to participate in the planning process. The used the social fabric of the community to solicit critical community input. The planning team engaged several high school students, discussing their transportation vision for the next 10-20 years and an interpreter was used to receive feedback from the Latino community. The combination of the Advisory Committee meeting, online survey, and community event enabled the plan to obtain greater awareness and participation. After completion of the planning initiative, several organizations declared their support of the plan, including the Monett Chamber of Commerce, Monett Main Street, and Healthy School, Healthy Communities initiative through the Monett School District. Public and private support encouraged the community to take ownership of the plan and enthusiasm for advancing implementation. 

Building upon this foundation, the City of Monet opted to place a 1/2 cent transportation sales tax on the August 2015 Ballot. The funds would be dedicated to advancing the programs and projects prioritized by the community and outlined in the plan. In an effort to continue increasing awareness and education related to the plan, the planning team created a highly-visual infographic handout that was mailed with utility bills. Overall, 63 percent of voters approved the transportation sales tax, which will provide the city of Monett with an estimated 1$ million each year for the next seven years. Within one year following completion of the plan, the city of Monett has already made progress advancing four of the ten projects. Through the use of public engagement methods, the planning team was able to build consensus around transportation improvements that will enhance the quality of life for residents and employees in the city of Monett.