St. Charles Rock Road TOD Participatory Planning Process

In 2012-2013, Beyond Housing led a multi-project planning process in the city of Pagedale, Missouri. This process, named Pagedale Determined by residents, included a participatory-planning process for a transit-oriented development (TOD) at the Rock Road MetroLink Station. 

The Missouri APA Awards Review Jury had high praise for the St. Charles Rock Road TOD Participatory Planning Process, which integrated several avenues for communication into what was described as “an amazing participatory process.” The public involvement was a two-way conversation: the community learned about TOD, and the TOD was changed to reflect community preferences. The review team also commended the project for its engaging persons in the planning process who are usually ignored. Residents themselves did outreach through street teams and it became clear that the community was invested in a unique and exemplary way. Overall, the result was an outreach effort that was able to achieve community buy-in, with a resulting plan which was both very realistic and achievable.