St. Louis Policy & Partnerships Fellow

St. Louis Vacancy Collaborative

St. Louis, MO United States

We are looking for a Policy & Partners Fellow to work with the Vacancy Collaborative and Green City Coalition over the next two years. The Lead for America fellowship program selects, trains, and places leaders ages 21-30 in high-leverage roles within their local communities. The deadline to apply is June 15th, 2021.


Host Institution: 

St. Louis Development Corporation and Community Builders Network



The St. Louis Vacancy Collaborative (VC) is a coalition of community members, private and non-
profit stakeholders, and City agencies committed to reducing vacant property in St. Louis. We exist to harness the power of coordination to create new forms of equitable development, support neighborhood-led planning, improve community health, and encourage alternative land uses that create community assets. Since 2018, the Collaborative has grown from a volunteer steering committee into a multi-stakeholder coalition of over 40 organizations, 12 City departments, and hundreds of volunteers. The Collaborative is currently supported by 1 full time staff person and two AmeriCorps Volunteers. As we look to expand and deepen the VC’s work, a Lead for America fellow will help identify long-term, sustainable funding sources, define a clear governance structure for our work, and solidify our relationships with key partners, including Green City Coalition (GCC) and their efforts to develop a community land trust in the City of St. Louis.


The fellow will support the VC coordinator, Vacancy Advisory Committee, and the VC’s six working groups through the following key tasks & responsibilities:


  • Guide the Vacancy Advisory Committee in developing procedures and systems for effective VC governance that recognizes the autonomy and voice of community members and the coalition partner organizations

  • Identify funding opportunities (grants, donations, and/or fee-for-service) for long-term support of the Vacancy Collaborative’s role as a convener and collective impact coalition.


  • Assist in developing the VC’s next work plan, defining measurable goals, and creating a system for ongoing monitoring of success;

  • Support the VC’s six working groups (Anti-displacement, Data, Marketing & Engagement, Reinvestment & Reuse, Stabilization Maintenance & Demolition, and Vacancy Prevention) in monitoring progress, and with connecting to additional partners or resources needed to meet goals;

  • Identify funding sources as needed to accomplish work plan goals related to vacancy reduction or prevention.


  • Support key partners in facilitating community meetings and conversations with the implementation of a community-based land trust as a tools for redevelopment and preventing displacement in high vacancy neighborhoods;

  • Work with the trust’s partners, board, and staff with efforts to increase neighborhood and resident representation and participation in planning and development related to vacancy reduction and property reuse;

  • Assist partners in developing and disseminating related communication tools.

Experience Level
Entry (0-1 year)
AICP Level
Community or Neighborhood Development
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