City of Parkville

Parkville, MO United States

The position of Planner is an entry-level position within the professional field of planning. The Planner shall serve as support staff to the Community Development Director and shall provide research, administrative, analytical, and planning support for the Community Development Department. The position is expected to perform work requiring knowledge of urban planning and community development. The position involves professional-level duties and judgment in addition to routine administrative tasks, including but not limited to near- and long-term planning, zoning, subdivision, economic development, building permitting and inspections, code enforcement, floodplain management and line locating functions. The Planner makes recommendations to the Community Development Director, City Administrator, Mayor and Board of Aldermen, Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Zoning Adjustment and Community Land and Recreation Board regarding planning, zoning, building, development, code enforcement, policies, procedures, codes and regulations as necessary to comply with city, state and federal regulations and other applicable laws; and to implement adopted plans, studies and goals of the City.

Experience Level
Entry (0-1 year)
AICP Level
Land Use and Development Regulation and Zoning
Salary Range
$20.77 - $29.26 per hour

Contact Information

8880 Clark Ave
Parkville, MO
United States
Resource URL
(816) 741-7676