Into the Weeds: Planning for Medical Marijuana

APA Missouri Chapter


Wednesday, August 14, 2019
4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. CDT

Kansas City, MO, United States

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As more states legalize marijuana, local planners tackle land use and zoning challenges to make the new industry work for their community. There are many uncertainties and misconceptions regarding the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Missouri. The classification of different facility types can fall under many zoning categories. The event will review the legal implications of Missouri Constitutional Amendment 2 (adopted November 6, 2018 and renumbered as Article XVI, Section 1 of the Missouri Constitution). Speakers will present land use implications to new  classifications such as harvesting, production, testing of marijuana facilities, and the retail sales.

Attendees at this program will:

(1) Review the legal implications of Missouri Constitutional Amendment 2 and related case law regarding medical marijuana;

(2) Learn about the potential standards and regulations that local governments may utilize to allow marijuana businesses within their jurisdictions, particularly the regulation of cannabis activities including buffering, zoning amendments, land use/overlays, and permitting;

(3) Review individual restrictions the City of St. Joseph has placed on this new land use, the special category that was created for it, and the legal process to get it passed through City Council;

(4) Understand the correlation to how the buffer distance from schools, parks, and day care facilities can discourage or create Green Light Districts; and

(5) Explore about the standards put in place for mitigating nuisances, such as odor outside of the cultivation facilities and new technologies that lessen the need for buffer zones.


Brian Myers

Brian was elected to the City Council At-Large position in St. Joseph, Missouri in the primary election on February 6, 2018. Brian serves as the City Council Finance/Audit representative. Brian has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from Western Governor’s University. Brian owns and operates two businesses ... Read More

Nic Hutchison, AICP

Nic has been the City Planner for the City of St. Joseph, Missouri for approximately four years and has worked within the public sector for over seven years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Community and Regional Planning from Missouri State University and a Master’s degree in Urban ... Read More

Michael Wilson

Michael is a licensed researcher and cultivator of industrial hemp in the State of Kansas. In addition to his role at United American Hemp, Michael is also co-owner of TORNA, a regulated-industry consulting firm specializing in legal cannabis markets, and True State, a Colorado-based business-to-business cannabis-product development firm. Michael is ... Read More

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